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We provide a comprehensive valuation service for Sale by Auction, Insurance and Probate/Inheritance Tax.


We are able to offer you a free sale appraisal/valuation of your items either at the salerooms or via a no-obligation home visit. We can organise collection, house clearance and storage prior to sale. All our auctions are fully catalogued and displayed online (with illustrations) . Specialist auctions also have the ability for Live bidding.


With recent surveys finding that over 75% of households are dramatically under insured, the necessity for comprehensive insurance/replacement valuations has never been more important. Our valuers can provide a full inventory and valuation. These may be easily updated over the years, avoiding any confusion should fire, breakage or theft occur. Please contact us for further details / quotation.

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment or (Building Insurance Valuation) is an assessment to determine how much it would cost to rebuild a building should it be destroyed, such as in the event of a fire or collapse. This figure enables you to insure the building for the correct amount.
If the sum insured is too low you may find yourself accountable for any shortfall. If it is too high, you will be paying a higher premium than required.
We undertake accurate appraisals of your property, plant, machinery, or other assets. This ensures that you are not paying too much on premiums or too little, which could leave you under insured and therefore exposed to unnecessary risk.
We conduct research through BCIS data and other sources to provide precise data based valuations. Our reinstatement values are calculated by factoring in all necessary costs, including demolition fees and fees to local authorities, giving you peace of mind in knowing that you will be able to fully reinstate your assets.



Much of our valuation work is concerned with Probate and Inheritance Tax (IHT) and for tax planning, including Capital Gains Tax (CGT). We provide a service tailored to meet the requirements of executors, be they family or solicitors, and beneficiaries. Following probate you may require items to be entered into one of our auctions and we can organise transport and storage for you as necessary. Should a substantial value of an Estate be entered into auction the valuation fee may be waived. Please contact us for further details / quotation.

To make an appointment regarding any of the above please contact us on 01366 387180 or 
and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

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