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Machinery Auctions

We have over 170 years of experience as  auctioneers of farm machinery and equipment as well as vintage machinery. We conduct sales either on farm or we can remove items to one of our well attended collective machinery sales. We specialise in sales of agricultural plant and machinery using bespoke auction software managed by experience administrators to enable us to promote and market your items globally conducting auctions on the farm as well as at our regular collective sales. 

We also offer:

  • A free valuation service

  • Advice on siting and timing of sales

  • Full marketing and cataloguing service

  • A substantial database of farmers and other buyers

  • We sell via our own website and, when appropriate, live on-line via 

  • No Sale - No Fee commission only basis


For further information on machinery sales, please contact Barry or Marcus Hawkins on 01366 387180 or email


Forthcoming Sales 2023

Ravenous Demand for Second-Hand Farm Machinery Fuels Global Market
The agricultural industry is experiencing a voracious appetite for high-quality second-hand farm machinery, driven by a growing number of international buyers capitalising on exchange rates, inflation, rising costs, and delays in the delivery of new machinery. As a result, there is a thriving global demand for good quality used agricultural equipment. When it comes time to sell your agricultural equipment or farmland, you need a reliable and independent auction company. The Hawkins family have been providing invaluable advice and assistance to farming clients since 1850.
The current market conditions have created a perfect storm for the trade of used farm machinery. The combination of economic factors, including favourable exchange rates, inflation, and rising costs, has made it increasingly attractive for international buyers to acquire used equipment. Moreover, the continued delays in delivery times for new machinery have further fuelled the demand for reliable alternatives.
In response to this growing trend, the Hawkins family, with their extensive experience and exceptional market knowledge, have positioned themselves as a trusted auction company in the agricultural sector. For over 170 years, the Hawkins family has built a solid reputation for helping farmers achieve the best possible returns through their specialized auctions.
"When it's time to sell your surplus agricultural equipment, farmland, or both, you need an independent auctioneer and land agent you can count on," said Marcus Hawkins, a representative of the Hawkins family. "We understand the unique needs of farmers and leverage our expertise and deep understanding of the industry to deliver exceptional services and ensure our clients get the maximum value for their assets."
With a legacy dating back to 1850, the Hawkins family has been integral in supporting farmers across generations, providing invaluable advice, and ensuring successful transactions. From machinery auctions to land sales, the Hawkins family offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the specific needs of clients.
By choosing the Hawkins family as their auction company, farmers and equipment sellers can benefit from their vast knowledge and extensive network of buyers. The renowned reputation of the Hawkins family attracts both local and international buyers, guaranteeing a competitive bidding process that drives up the value of the assets being sold.
For farmers looking to sell their agricultural equipment or farmland, the Hawkins family offers a level of expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. Their commitment to client satisfaction and exceptional results has made them a trusted partner for farmers seeking the best returns.
About the Hawkins 
The Hawkins family, with a heritage dating back to 1850, is a renowned auction company focussing on the trade of agricultural equipment and farmland. With a solid reputation, extensive market knowledge, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, the Hawkins family has become a trusted partner for farmers looking to maximize the value of their assets.




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