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Selling At Auction

Free valuation

Arrange for a free valuation, and if we feel the item is suitable for sale, we’ll advise you which sale would be best and will arrange for the item to come to the appropriate saleroom. Items can be brought into our salerooms for valuation or home visits can be arranged by appointment with our specialists.

Read more about our valuation services >


Price and reserve

With our specialists expertise we will discuss and propose suggested estimates to you based on current market prices and trends. If appropriate, we will agree a reserve price on items with you prior to the sale.


Catalogue and notification

You will receive a catalogue (if your item has been entered into a specialist sale) and a sale notification by email in advance of the sale, usually four days in advance.


Auction and payment

Your item will be entered into auction, and you can come to the sale or watch live online if you want to see your item selling in real time. If it sells, you will receive a cheque or BACS payment within 14 working days, as long as we have received payment.


Unsold items

Should your item not sell, we do not normally charge a fee unless we deem the reserve to be at such a level to make it unreasonable and prohibitive to it selling.


Vendors fees

Vendors Commission Rates – 17.5% on the first £6,000, 12% thereafter per lot. Lotting fee: £1 per lot

An example of our fees: if your lot sells for £1000 the fees would be:

17.5% commission – £175 

Lotting fee: £1

Plus VAT

Total fees charged – £211.20 inc VAT, so you receive £788.80

Terms and conditions

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